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how did bill evans die

[10], During his tenure with Davis, Evans had problems with the mostly black audience. Sometime during the late 1950s, most probably before joining Miles Davis, Evans began using heroin. Although, interestingly the allure of readily accessible drugs and its continuous use takes a toll that causes paranoia in Bill to the extent, that he is convinced the FBI is watching him and bugging his Fort Lee apartment! [10], In May 1960, the trio performed at one of the Jazz Profiles concerts, organized by Charles Schwartz. The result was his debut album, New Jazz Conceptions, featuring the original versions of "Waltz for Debby" and "Five". [10] Russell was then developing his magnum opus, the treatise Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, in which he argued that the Lydian mode was more compatible with tonality than the major scale used in most music. He had a brother, Harry (Harold), two years his senior, to whom he was very close. He visited his brother, now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, recently married and working as a conservatory teacher. On Bill Evans final day on Earth, It was Laurie that kept her tender gaze on Bill, comforting him with Joe LaBarbera ( Bill’s drum player) driving Bill’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo as they rushed him to hospital in the back of the car. [62] "[15][51], Evans never allowed heroin to interfere with his musical discipline, according to a BBC record review article which contrasts Evans's addiction with that of Chet Baker. In parallel, Evans kept up his work with Scott, playing in Preview's Modern Jazz Club in Chicago during December 1956–January 1957, and recording The Complete Tony Scott. ","twitterLink":"https:\/\/\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","twitterHashtags":"#BillEvans #JazzInEurope","twitterVia":"Jazzineu","googlePlus":"https:\/\/\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","embedShow":"No","embedCodeSrc":"","embedCodeW":746,"embedCodeH":420,"embedShareLink":"https:\/\/\/","youtubeControls":"custom controls","youtubeSkin":"light","youtubeColor":"red","youtubeQuality":"default","youtubeShowRelatedVideos":"No","vimeoColor":"00adef","showGlobalPrerollAds":false,"globalPrerollAds":"url1;url2;url3;url4;url5","globalPrerollAdsSkipTimer":5,"globalPrerollAdsGotoLink":"http:\/\/\/","videoType":"YouTube","rootFolder":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/Elite-video-player\/"}, THE BIG LOVE – Life & Death with Bill Evans, Tim Garland launches “Winter Encounters” with Norma Winstone. One of the most significant releases during this period is Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival (1968), which won him his second Grammy award. [10], Evans's improvisations relied heavily on motivic development, either melodically or rhythmically. Alas, Bill is living on a knife’s edge, and Laurie’s own internal compass knows it’s only a matter of time before his physical flame is extinguished. "[34] However, Evans and Davis kept in touch throughout their lives. 3 on his senior recital, graduating with a Bachelor of Music in piano and a bachelor's in music education. At that time, Ellaine meant everything to Bill, and was the only person with whom he felt genuine comfort.[10]. [32], That year, Evans also met bassist Scott LaFaro while auditioning him for a place in an ensemble led by trumpeter Chet Baker, and was impressed. Evans spent the next night writing what would become "Blue in Green". "[41], Shortly after, he moved back to New York, and in December Evans recorded the trio album Everybody Digs Bill Evans for Riverside Records with bassist Sam Jones and drummer Philly Joe Jones. "Bach changed my hand approach to playing the piano. Although a critical success that gained positive reviews in Down Beat and Metronome magazines, New Jazz Conceptions was initially a financial failure, selling only 800 copies the first year. Be the first to answer this question. Another important influence was bassist George Platt, who introduced Evans to the theory of harmony. [47], While Evans considered himself an acoustic pianist, from the 1970 album From Left to Right on, he also released some material with Fender-Rhodes piano intermissions. A greater emphasis was placed on group improvisation and interaction, and new harmonic experiments were attempted. I hear music differently. But Evans's stay in the Army was traumatic, and he had nightmares for years. A legendás szextett egyetlen fehér tagja volt. In early 1960, the trio began a tour that brought them to Boston, San Francisco (at Jazz Workshop club), and Chicago (at the Sutherland Lounge). Bill was thought to be too young for lessons, but he began to play what he had heard during his brother's,[10][11] and soon both were taking piano lessons. Verchomin was 28 years younger. The album won him his first Grammy award. The couple had problems booking in hotels during Evans's gigs, since most of them did not allow inter-racial couples. Bill Evans (Landschaftsarchitekt) (1910–2002), US-amerikanischer Landschaftsarchitekt Bill Evans (Pianist) (1929–1980), US-amerikanischer Jazzpianist Bill Evans (Posaunist) (1936–2019), US-amerikanischer Jazzmusiker Bill Evans (Saxophonist) (* 1958), US-amerikanischer Saxophonist Siehe auch: Billy Evans [10], Evans liked to paint and draw. That year, he also recorded The Soul of Jazz Percussion, with Philly Joe Jones and Chambers. When he re-formed his trio in 1962, two albums, Moon Beams and How My Heart Sings! He was 87 years old. You get an appreciation of Bill the man, and his personal idiosyncrasy both dysfunctional, yet extremely creative and complimentary to his own feelings and belief in what he called the ‘Universal Mind.’ The insight’s she shares gives you the awareness that these two souls experience a real feeling of unity. His father was of Welsh descent and ran a golf course; his mother was of Carpatho-Rusyn[5] ancestry and descended from a family of coal miners. [50] This all-originals album (4 new), also featured alternation between acoustic and electric piano. If you like this transcriptions of Bill Evans (plays) you can listen similar transcriptions of Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Antonio Farao and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh plays of this jazz musicans in similar style. In the early 1970s, Evans was caught at New York's JFK airport with a suitcase containing heroin. He met singer and bassist Bill Scott and Chicago jazz pianist Sam Distefano (his bunkmate in their platoon), both of whom became Evans's close friends. In Evans's system, the chord is expressed as a quality identity and a color. Editor’s note: Bill Evans jazz music continues to enrich my life. During one of his concerts at the Jazz Gallery, Evans contracted hepatitis, and had to retreat to his parents' house in Florida. 52. [45], During the creative process of Kind of Blue, Davis handed Evans a piece of paper with two chords—G minor and A augmented—and asked "What would you do with that?" Later, they would be posthumously issued as The 1960 Birdland Sessions. [47], On September 15, 1980, Evans, who had been in bed for several days with stomach pains at his home in Fort Lee, was accompanied by Joe LaBarbera and Verchomin to the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where he died that afternoon. Scott LaFaro, how one man redefined the piano trio. His girlfriend Ellaine was also an addict. Whether you’re a fully fledged Bill Evans aficionado or want to delve deeper into his life this book should be on your bookshelf. You were certainly my biggest inspiration in college, and the seeds of the insights that you have sown, have in practice borne fruit many times over. He had also been too busy traveling with Davis to make a record. Upon its return to Chicago, Evans and Aton worked as a duo in clubs, often backing singer Lurlean Hunter. The three relocated to New York City, but their inability to attract bookings prompted them to leave for Calumet City, Illinois. [47], Music critic Richard S. Ginell noted: "With the passage of time, Bill Evans has become an entire school unto himself for pianists and a singular mood unto himself for listeners. Evans finally settled on Marc Johnson on bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums. He later named Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert as composers whose work he often played. [10][65] His melodic contours often describe arches. Between 1969 and 1970 Evans recorded From Left to Right, featuring his first use of electric piano. A few days later, he had to be taken to Mount Sinai Hospital on September 15, 1980, where he died from a bleeding ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver and bronchial pneumonia. Apart from "Nardis" and "Elsa", the album consisted of jazz standards. Asked by Wiki User. [23] Years later, when asked to play it, he said it was a spontaneous improvisation and didn't know it. Evans, who was already acquainted with these ideas, began to work with Russell in 1956. The music of Bill Evans continues to inspire younger pianists including Fred Hersch, Bill Charlap, Lyle Mays, and Eliane Elias[75] and arguably Brad Mehldau[76] early in his career. [10] When Evans broke the news to Ellaine, she pretended to understand, but then committed suicide by throwing herself under a subway train. You’re then taken into this fascinating back story that would have never been made public if it wasn’t for Laurie’s choice to share her story. [6][7] The marriage was stormy owing to his father's heavy drinking, gambling, and abuse. Bill Evans gilt als einer der einflussreichsten Pianisten des Modern Jazz und stilbildend für eine ganze Generation von Musikern, zu denen Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea und Brad Mehldau gehören. In 1974, Bill Evans recorded a multimovement jazz concerto written for him by Claus Ogerman entitled Symbiosis. [71], Evans's career began just before the rock explosion in the 1960s. In April 1979, Evans met Canadian waitress Laurie Verchomin, with whom he had a relationship until his death. A forward known for being a team player who did a little bit of everything for the Wildcats, Evans played with teammates … On September 15, 1980, Evans, who had been in bed for several days with stomach pains at his home in Fort Lee, was accompanied by Joe LaBarbera and Verchomin to the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where he died that afternoon. [10], In early 1955, singer Lucy Reed moved to New York City to play at the Village Vanguard and The Blue Angel, and in August she recorded The Singing Reed with a group that included Evans. Laurie is a counterbalance for him which brings him a deep level of comfort and solace to his inner pain. Bill Evans was driving himself evermore towards death’s door due to his adult substance uses of hard liquor, heroin and lastly cocaine which was so easily accessible. [12], Evans remembered Leland with affection for not insisting on a heavy technical approach, with scales and arpeggios. For example, he lamented watching Davis shift his style towards jazz fusion, and blamed the change on considerations of commerce. He hosted a jazz program on the camp radio station and occasionally performed in Chicago clubs, where he met singer Lucy Reed, with whom he became friends and later recorded. (...) [It's] merely an alternate keyboard instrument, that offers a certain kind of sound that's appropriate sometimes. During his three-year (1951–54) stay in the Army,[15] Evans played flute, piccolo, and piano in the Fifth U.S. Army Band at Fort Sheridan. Apr 21, 2013 - Explore Jeremy Manasia's board "Bill Evans" on Pinterest. Around his third year in college, Evans composed his first known tune, "Very Early". [61] Motives may be broken and recombined to form melodies. [72] However, Evans believed he had been lucky to gain some exposure before this profound change in the music world, and never had problems finding employers and recording opportunities. Along with his studies, Evans played in mostly low-profile "Tuxedo gigs" at the Friendship Club and the Roseland Ballroom, as well as Jewish weddings, intermission spots, and over-40 dances. [9], Given Harry Evans Sr.'s destructive character, Mary Evans often left home with her sons to go to nearby Somerville, to stay with her sister Justine and the Epps family. [19], Bill Evans talking about Gretchen Magee[6]. [2] His use of impressionist harmony, inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, block chords, and trademark rhythmically independent, "singing" melodic lines continues to influence jazz pianists today. I for one am fascinated by the interplay of life. However, according to Keepnews, who was present, the pianist spontaneously started to improvise over that harmonic frame, creating the recording that would be named "Peace Piece". During the festival performance, on June 6, Evans became acquainted with Chuck Israels, who became his bassist years later. Janis Siegel and Lauren Kinhan concoct a savory vocal gumbo. Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von Bill Evans auf Discogs. Musical features included added tone chords, modal inflections, unconventional substitutions, and modulations. Musical theatre pieces such as “Someday My Prince Will Come” and “My Favorite Things” became in his hands bold rhythmic and chromatic experiments. [56] Fellow musicians paid homage to the late pianist in the first days of the 1980 Monterey Jazz Festival, which had opened that very week: Dave Brubeck played his own "In Your Own Sweet Way" on the 19th, The Manhattan Transfer would follow on the 20th, while John Lewis dedicated "I'll Remember April". Perhaps, I get the sense that the grief of Bill’s death and the traumatic moments leading up to his passing took a long time to process and like most of us, was nothing like we expect, even if we know its arrival is close. Better opportunities also arose, such as playing solo opposite the Modern Jazz Quartet at the Village Vanguard, where one day he saw Miles Davis listening to him. [10], By the end of the summer, Davis knew Evans was quickly approaching his full professional development; and that he would soon decide to leave Davis' group. Bill Evans, who with his wife Jeannette, built a tiny farm into one of the largest fruit companies in Washington state, died early Tuesday. Bár Davis szerint Bill Evans volt az az igazi zongorista, akire szüksége van, mégis folyton éreztette vele lenézését. [10] The album began Evans's relationship with Riverside Records. Evans joined the group in April 1958. [33] The trio with LaFaro and Motian became one of the most celebrated piano trios in jazz. For me, comparing electric bass to acoustic bass is sacrilege. Elsa bill evans - Der absolute Testsieger unter allen Produkten.

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