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Best time of year to visit . Spain is mainly a highland plateau with mount… I am totally impressed. If you have a short time, Madrid and Barcelona are definitely the 2 cities you want to visit! Any advice is a great help thanks;). That is incorrect. In hindsight I would have bought it ahead of time to save time. Hi Sher, We are planning to visit Granada from Seville and loved your itinerary. The small town was once a regional capital for the Roman and Moorish empires so today, it bears characteristics of each. The Algarve usually remains especially pleasant and sunny and can attract European visitors looking for a winter getaway. Your website is so informative and I;m glad that you’re doing well because of it. Hello, I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal in Spring of 2019. Let me know any questions in the comments below! I will be visiting Barcelona and Madrid. […] That made me expand my possibilities and search what there was to do in both countries. Hi Tim – The hotels I mentioned are recommendations based on my trip. Main Attractions: Royal Palace, Museo del Prado, Retiro Park. Hey Sara! The historic sights are all located within the compact Old Town and easily walk able. […] Our Itinerary: Exploring Spain & Portugal in 2 Weeks […], […] The Best Spain and Portugal Itinerary to Take Now!January 2, 2018 – 12:15 am […]. The beaches are also much quieter. I will fly into Barcelona and out of Seville. to join one of the Camino routes finishing at Santiago de Compestela. What I usually do is price out the cost of flights + hotels and that’s usually the two most expensive things. Wow, so much information & this is so detailed! Either way there’s lots to see in both options you outlined! Portugal's capital Lisbon feels a lot like San Francisco. The pictures looks absolutely fantastic!!!. Instead, book your tickets on Omio, which is much more convenient for English speakers and accepts international credit card holders. Recommended dishes: I recommend 2 days, 3 nights. Montserrat is a religious pilgrimage site for many Catalans and a breathtaking change of scenery for tourists – the monastery is actually high up in the mountains! We’re planning to go visiting Spain and Portugal departing from the UK for 13 days, wondering what would be the best itinerary be for our first time visit on these both countries and we need to head back to Hong Kong after, need your suggestion to see if we’re able to fly direct either from those countries or get back to the UK first. 1. 1 – fly into Madrid from Australia. We have no specific itinerary for Portugal yet except to be in Fatima by Oct 11-14 for the Fatima Centennial events. At these times the weather is perfect with sunny days and warn temperatures for swimming. In summer, beach-goers will enjoy hot days in the south and east, and sight-seers might prefer Atlantic cities like Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela where temperatures are lower. You’ll love Spain. Hi! The city is cosmopolitan, proudly Catalan and lively with some of the most impressive and unique sights in Spain. Hi Kate – so glad you like it! The average high during this season is between 61.3°F (16.3°C) and 58.1°F (14.5°C). Thanks. I don’t make the bookings though – If you want a completely hands off experience, I have friends who are travel agents who you can hire to create a completely custom itinerary. I’m worried about feeling rushed lol, Thanks! Head to Rail Europe and plug in the cities you want to visit and check the times/ rates. Thank you for sharing your wonderful itinerary. Hotels, restaurants, flights, sights etc – it just depends how luxury or budget you go :) You can get an idea upfront by booking your flights and hotels first. We had a long enough trip to Spain / Portugal that we wanted to see as much as possible, and so for us, a mix of trains, flights + bus were good. We stayed in Madrid an extra couple nights in order to do some day trips in Castille La Mancha. Can we travel Madrid-Cordoba-Seville-Granada-Lisbon-Barcelona? Glad you like it :) I took about 2 weeks so it sounds like you have plenty of time. Wish I had gone but it was nearing 3 weeks at that point and I had to get back to work! However we would like to see more of country side, small towns and beaches . The temperatures range between 39℉ and 66℉ and the humidity that has been observed to be a usual of 84% marking the perfect climate to head out and check out the best things to do in Spain. xx Sher, I will be going to Granada in autumn for 5 night and I am very looking forward to it. Weather is too cold this time of year in Portugal to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. Geographically, Portugal is defined by its long coastline, making it abound with beaches. Call one of our experts or arrange a video appointment for ideas and advice. This is WONDERFUL! Excellent review and nicely planned trip. Not sure how much time you have but if you can fit it all in then great! Get the garlic shrimp in olive oil and large grilled prawns and wash it all down with beer and buttery garlic bread. The time zones of Spain and Portugal are different. It's difficult for non Spanish users to book. I see you only visited Lisbon with day trip to Sintra, where else in Portugal do you recommend? What was your rough cost of the trip. This itinerary is awesome! My only on concern is that other blogs mentioned that doing too much can be overwhelming and rushed. It will cover Southern Spain (Andalusia: Seville, Córdoba, Granada, Malaga) to Tangier, Morocco then to Portugal (Lisbon, Fatima, Sintra, maybe Porto) then back to California. I just googled the Patio Festival in Cordoba and it looks so nice! I am planning to do Spain/Portugal in May for 7 days. Have a fantastic trip! All of those train rides are very doable and you can find the train schedule on renfe.com The site doesn’t fully translate from Spanish to English but the time schedules are easy enough to read. Yes the patio festival is amazing. I’m trying to plan a budget and I have no clue how much to plan for. I’m stuck with the train routes. Do you have any ideas? My friend and I want to spend 14 days in Spain and Portugal end of the year. I would recommend cutting out lisbon. 3.How did you travel from Barcelona to Lisbon? Pictures of Granada and Cordoba look very nice. hm what do you mean by a particular operator? If you get bored (which i dont think you would, but just if, Cordoba is a very cute small town only a quick day trip train ride away) that I really loved. Hi! Yes I’m so glad I took a detour to Sintra on this Portugal trip, it was a really fun day trip and actually 2 days would have been better! Or you might want to visit Cordoba on a day trip when you’re in Seville. Cordoba really comes alive in early May for the flower festival.. Here are the best day trips from Madrid that I'd recommend! Wow I can’t wait to visit Spain someday, what a great post! Hope that helps! I guess for anyone travelling for the first time, the usual dilemmas are always the same – Which places to consider and their relevance, though it might vary from person to person but your post gives a good comparative view of the places to visit. :), […] Spain and Portugal Itinerary Advice for 10 Days […], Hi Sher! Even though Spain + Portugal are right next to each other, I found for my trip dates that surprisingly flight connections were not that convenient. By Rick Steves Spring and fall offer the best combination of good weather, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities — particularly during Holy Week, Lisbon's series of June festivals (which peak on St. Anthony's Day, June 13), and Porto's celebrations of St. John's Day (June 23–24). Have a great trip to Spain / Portugal! I love your blog! It depends how much time you have – we spent 2 weeks and felt like it was all very comfortable. Your post is just amazing!! Essentially, it felt like it offered the best of everything in one compact town. As we do not want to be too stressed on the trip. a) Morocco Day Trip from Malaga to Tangier We are flying in and out of Madrid so i cant decide what would make more sense. That’s a generalization, of course, but that was my experience. I hope you continue to do and that you get to travel the world. Feel free to include or exclude whatever you like :) I think if you read through all my posts on Spain, pick up the Rick Steves guidebook and read through a couple other Spain blogs, you can easily find all the answers to your questions and create your perfect Spain & Portugal vacation. Gah you’re making me so jealous, girl!!!! Don't Miss: dinner at Cervejaria Ramiro, a local favorite of Anthony Bourdain that completely lived up to my seafood heavy anticipation. Nice tips! If following my itinerary, here's the breakdown: Spring (April – May) and Fall (September – October) are the best times to visit Spain and Portugal. Do you recommend doing the tower at the Sagrada Familia? It seems really over the top in terms of cost. We would recommend at least 2 weeks if you want to visit both Spain and Portugal. Hope that helps! This is Portugal before the summer heat and crowds, and the first time in the year that visiting the beach is a viable option. Flight is easiest. Hi Felicia, I haven’t personally been to any beaches in Portugal, so can’t say! Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Yes I took a flight from Barcelona to Lisbon. I was planning to make Cordoba only a day trip from Madrid (or Seville?) Would it be doable to fly into Barcelona and spend 2 nights there, flying out to Madrid and exploring Madrid for a couple of days (3 nights) including a day trip before heading to Portugal? Since Portugal and Spain share the same peninsula, their landscapes and climate are similar. The train routes in Spain are set, so like you said you sometimes have to backtrack. Since it’s not a packaged tour, the trip cost will depend on what you want to do! And there you go! If one want to visit cities in northern Spain near the Atlantic, such as San Sebastian, Oviedo, and Santiago de Compostela and the rest of Galicia, the months of July and August are the best. In the highlights there, I would add the palace of the Catalan Music – one of my favourite places with the Sagrada Familia – and la Boqueria, the market on the Ramblas. I see you used train, and planes.Why did you choose planes versus trains? If you would like me to review your itinerary, answer questions in depth or plan your trip I offer travel consultations where you can hire me for a one hour call. The summer months of July and August are the best to visit northern Spain. Definitely pre-book your tickets to the Alhambra in Granada. I’d love your input on a planning dilemma I’m having. I got a lot of questions about how we got around. My husband loves soccer so we might stay longer in Barcelona. I love this post and am largely basing my trip to Spain off it, so thanks for a great article! Shoot me an email with some more details about what you’re looking for specifically! Hi Jessica, Hm I don’t remember exactly what we spent but what I usually do is book the flights, hotels & transportation first – those are usually the bulk of the trip cost. Any thoughts or recommendations if we did that? If you’re hoping to catch some of Spain’s famous music festivals during your visit, then spring time and early summer is without a doubt the best time to come. Spain's Hidden Gem: The Quaint Town of Cordoba, Don't Miss Cordoba's Patio Festival! You can live a fairytale in Sintra. A couple of points. I also took day trips to Montserrat and Girona which I really liked. Die hard soccer / football fans will want to see FC Barcelona's stadium and see a match or two. I really enjoyed your post and the pictures look amazing. All of these places are must-visits, especially Sintra… and Grenada… and Madrid… I think adding the day trip to Segovia is brilliant. My plan is to fly into Seville first (4 nights) then take the train to Córdoba (2 nights), Granada (3 nights), Malaga (2 nights), ferry to Tangier (2 nights), back to Seville to fly to Lisbon. Please let me know which areas I can skip. Dia de Reis, or Three Kings’ Day, (6th January): groups of carolers sing from house to house at the time when Portuguese children traditionally receive gifts (from the kings rather than Santa). Fly into Barcelona, explore Barcelona, and do monterassat, and then take a flight to Lisbon and explore Porto and sintra, 2. We were thinking of a very similar itinerary but were thinking of not going to Barcelona instead possibly visiting Valencia and islands and also a couple additional days in Portugal. I felt like walking in any of the Spanish cities was very doable and walked pretty much everywhere! Book through the company Alsa and if you book enough in advance, it’s only 10-15 euro per person. To actually book the tickets I used rail europe (i have a link to that in the post) because it’s easier to pay – with renfe you pretty much need a spanish credit card or it won’t work. and you mostly have to walk around for sights and such but there’s also the trolley to take which is fun. We didn’t do fly back to back though. I was wondering if you could help me plan a better itinerary for a trip my husband and I are planning. Hm it sounds like you have 6 days planned for Barcelona and 1 for Seville. Purchasing via these links may result in commissions for this site. I wanted to know, would you recommend doing Barcelona first and the Southern Spain or the way you did it. I’m planning to buy train tickets in advance (traveling to Spain and Portugal) but since my itenerary is not finalized so how do I go about making reservations? If you start your journey on the coast of Spain at 4 pm, you will arrive in Portugal at 3 pm. Thanks for this incredible detail – it’s amazing. The Best Things to Do in Trondheim – in just 1 Day! Book a room at Hotel Alfonso XIII, a luxurious property featuring gorgeous Moorish architecture and every comfort imaginable. Thanks in advance! I found this clear and easy to understand with structure of information and pictures coming along with. Below is my day by day itinerary featuring Instagram photos from the trip! From Granada, there are a couple ways to get to Barcelona including via car, high speed rail or plane. While many beach resorts wind down at this time, it can still be a good time to explore the cities and inland areas. as i get older, i find I care more about convenience then price, ha, Haven’t been to San Fransisco but I heard a lot of people comparing Lisbon to SF. Thanks Melissa! I couldn't decide on one, so we visited a couple (images above from left to right). Average temperatures range from 77°F (25°C) in summer to about 58°F (14°C) in winter. The Best Things to Do in Trondheim – in just 1 Day! So glad you like it :) What a great birthday trip!! So, it really depends! Mostly, we used the high speed train service, as it was the most convenient. like a tour guide? I hope my 2 week itinerary was helpful! A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Both Countries! Perhaps you might split up your time in Seville into 2 night, then Cordoba for 2 nights, then back to Seville for 2 nights so that it’s a more comfortable journey. If you do go to Lisbon, I highly recommend Sintra! Happy to help. Are you planning a trip to Spain, Portugal or both? Hey Sher, loved your pics and your details so useful. Thank you. Thanks for sharing your trip. Hi Sher, yes, it is possible to choose a city as a base and then take day trips from the train. I’ve heard great things about Cascais in Portugal – check that out. You can browse last minute Spain hotel deals here. […] Day Trip Tip From: Sher at Sher She Goes […]. I would be travelling from Bombay and would like to ask which place should be the starting point – Portugal or Spain and am considering around May. Check rates: Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia. Hi Sher! Main Attractions: La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (aka La Pedrera), Park Güell. Keep in mind that rates fluctuate dramatically depending on the time of year that you’re searching for. have a great trip!! What can you suggest? What I suggest is checking out the transportation options for your trip dates. The inspiration was Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. In planning stages so trying to get a sense. :) (P.s. We were thinking of driving. I think for me, if it was my first time, I would visit both cities just so I could see them both. FYI, we don’t drive. Im in love with your photos!

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